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Article published on 18 August 2008
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The “Direction des Journaux officiels” (Direction of Official Journals) is one of the services provided by the Prime Minister. It is placed under the authority of the Government office of Secretary general.
It is responsible for publishing on one hand, legislative enactments and on the other hand, economic data about companies’life , and for disseminating on line and by paper subscriptions .
Internet sites et


The European Forum of Official Gazettes was created in 2004 by the organisations responsible for publishing the official gazettes of the European Union Member States and the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Since 2005, the Forum also invites legal gazettes of countries outside the European Union to participate in its works.
The objectives of the Forum are to exchange ideas and information on publication processes, technology and best practices between the official publishers.
The Forum holds a regular meeting each year. The chair of the Forum is held by the official gazette hosting the meeting and the secretariat is provided by the EU Publications Office.


Association des professionnels de l’information et de la documentation : Established in 1963 for the purposes of uniting all information and documentation practitioners, the ADBS has more than 5,000 members and is the leading European association of information specialists. Its main objectives are to:
- encourage dialogue among professionnels
- promote and defend the profession
- circulate and develop the application of the new technologies
- contribute to the improvement of its members by the organisation of study and training programmes
- produce several publications

Sister associations in each countries of Europe. ADBS works also very often with the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations EBLIDA


For some 40 years ADIJ has played a significant role among Legal professionals; as a cross professional network and platform for cooperation and exchange of ideas, ADIJ enables lawyers and legal professionals to participate actively in evolving IT law, Internet and IP law. ADIJ also shares broad knowledge on IT solutions dedicated to legal professionals and dissemination of law in general. Through established partnerships with local French and International associations and universities, ADIJ supports young IT Lawyers seeking an orientation and has organized a prize for the last 2 years: the “PRIX DU JEUNE CYBERJURISTE”

Sister association : German Association for Computing in the Judiciary
(Deutscher EDV-Gerichtstag)


The French Association of Electronic Information Industry : Producers, servers, publishers, intermediaries, information distributors, service providers... more than 90 members. A central source of information, experience-sharing and action. GFII’s activity is centered around four key points : defining common objectives, making suggestions and thus better protect the interests of the French Information Industry ; enhancing the Information Industry at national, European and international levels ; being an interface with national, international and EU bodies, and with other players in the Information segment ; offering extensive information know-how.
The wide variety of its members means that the GFII is an effective place for transferring of knowledge and professional skills. It follows and analyzes the electronic information market in France and Europe, the emergent tendencies, the last technological innovations, the evolution of the legislation, jurisprudence, principal events of the sector...


Open association: Juriconnexion is an association open to all persons (legal counsel, librarians, lawyers, notaries, central administration, banks, big companies, local authorities) using various electronic versions of legal information products in the course of their daily professional practice. Since 1988, Juriconnexion has entered into and actively pursued a constructive dialogue with producers, service providers and distributors. It represents the user’s view in discussions with the public authorities and plays an active role in the constitution of official legal databases. It works in conjunction with other associations and organisations with similar interests.

Sister associations
British & Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL)
The association of Swiss law libraries (VJBS-ABJS)


Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la Culture Juridique Française is an association created in 1935, which has been state-approved by the Decree of the Government and the Council of State.

Renowned members: Henri and René Capitant, Marc Ancel, Pierre Bellet, Jean Carbonnier, Gérard Cornu.

Its objectives are:
- to maintain and develop among lawyers from all countries having received and appreciated the French legal culture, and French lawyers, intellectual and amicable links,
- to promote the development of the roman legal culture,
- to organise periodically seminars devoted to the study of questions of law.

European sisters associations


"" is an association that aims to promote, defend and perform actions to help free access to Legal Information over the Internet and to enhance it’s use. It’s a place where people and structures from various backgrounds can collaborate on a European and International scale. The association is meant to be a place of meeting and exchange for research professionnals in the Legal and Legal Computer science fields. It is to participate or to contribute to works initiated by other associations, or any form of institution sharing similair goals. It is thus closely linked to with European Legal Information Institutes (LII) such as IRLII (Irland), ITTIG (Italy), BAILII (UK), CYLAW (Cyprus), JIPS (Sarrebrück - Germany)


With the special assistance of

* Ecole des Bibliothécaires et documentalistes EBD et Association des anciens élèves de l’EBD (ADEBD)

* Association des Hautes Juridictions de Cassation des pays ayant en partage l’usage du Français (AHJUCAF)

* Réseau des Présidents des Cours Suprêmes de l’Union Européenne

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