Article published on 18 August 2008
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European Legal e-Access Conference

10, 11 and 12 Decembre 2008

Several governmental and private initiatives have been coordinated by the Secretariat-General of the French Government in order to organize, under France’s EU presidency, an event intended to inform the public about the progress of projects that have been carried out in France and in Europe. Those projects are favouring the improvement of access to law and the elaboration of law thanks to technological developments, and to promote the improvements that have been made in this field.

Since the law of the Member States started to be published via the Internet a decade ago, a European “Digital Legal Area” composed of several elements (whether public or private, with charge or open source) has progressively emerged. With the development of this area, it is easier to put together and compare the legal systems on one hand, and the technological standards enabling their digital broadcasting on the other hand.

The Official Journals of the Member States play a key role in that process. The have gained a new dimension, by participating actively to the economic life of their country, by contributing to the budget orthodoxy of their regulatory authority through innovation in the field of self-financing, and finally appear as a privileged way to experience the e-administration.

In the same time, most of the States are facing a growing number of norms, thus creating legal insecurity; this has encouraged them to improve the quality of their norms by all legislative, regulatory, administrative and technical means within the framework of the EU and OECD programmes designed to "Legislate better". From now on each Member State is showing concern about the economic appeal of its positive law. The more and more frequent confrontations between national laws are resulting in or reviving a comparative law which emerges on the Internet and tries to limit as much as possible difficulty related a multilingual approach which cannot be ignored in this area.

In the same way as the world market of scientific information, the European market of legal information is developing rapidly. This development is going even faster with the increasing influence of new rules imposed by the network economy, whether regarding relationships between publishers and readers, the role and aspirations of the authors, the safeguarding and marketing of public and private data, or the relationships between legal professionals. This phenomenon of interactive network should be examined in particular with regard to the development of new electronic practices of the e-justice.

In this context, it seems to be important to gather participants coming from the EU Member States as well as from countries influenced by the EU legislation, such as:
- experts in law, technologies and legal information
- representatives of universities and research institutes
- national civil servants, European officials and employees working in normative institutions
- national and multinational publishers and other professionals operating on the legal information market
- associations of users and producers of legal databases established in the Member States

Those days will provide:
- plenary meetings in the form of round tables of experts discussing about assessment and prospects;
- presentations of projects that have been carried out and workshops proposing concrete solutions.

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