ITTIG’ papers : legal thesaurus, semantic web, legal drafting
Article published on 7 November 2012 by PERUGINELLI Ginevra et FRANCESCONI Enrico
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- Semantic Interoperability among Thesauri: a Challenge in the Multicultural Legal Domain. Enrico Francesconi and Ginevra Peruginelli

Abstract. In the last few years crucial issues like cross-language legal information retrieval, document classi-cation, legal knowledge discovery and extraction have been considered in theory and in practice. The availability of services allowing cross-language and cross-collection retrieval is a growing necessity. This paper focuses on the need to develop solutions for automatic, language-independent procedures to provide interoperability between mono/poly-lingual thesauri at national and European levels. This will guarantee sustainable and scalable services enabling to manage the multilingual complexity of the European Union legal context to be used for cross-language and cross-collection legal information retrieval. Wider use of the service can also be envisaged as support to legal translation services, as well as in general to promote integration and sharing of widespread and heterogeneous legal resources, providing new market opportunities for stakeholders to exploit the economic potential
of public sector information in a multilanguage environment.

Key words: Thesauri Semantic Interoperability, Legal Information Indexing, Cross-collection Information Retrieval, SKOS

- A two-level knowledge approach to support multilingual legislative drafting

Abstract. The quality of legislative drafting process at European and national levels is highly influenced by the legal drafters control over the multilingual complexity of European legislation and over the linguistic and conceptual issues involved in its transposition into national laws. The DALOS project aims at ensuring coherence and alignment in the legislative language, providing law-makers with a knowledge (ontological-linguistic) resource and knowledge management tools to support the multilingual legislative drafting process. This paper outlines the activities within DALOS, aiming at the definition of the characteristics of a the knowledge resource, at its implementation, at its integration in a legislative drafting environment for the project prototype.

Keywords. Multilingual legal drafting, Legal ontologies, NLP techniques

- Sharing Knowledge by Conceptual Mapping: the case of EU Thesaural
Interoperability. Giacomo BARTOLONI, Enrico FRANCESCONI

Abstract. The availability of public administration semantic Web services is strictly linked to the availability of knowledge resources. In particular their interoperability allows knowledge sharing and reuse, so to provide integrated services in a distributed environment. In this paper a machine learning technique for guaranteeing thesaural interoperability by conceptual mapping within an information retrieval framework is
presented. In particular the case of thesaural interopearbility for cross-collection legal information retrieval services at EU level is shown.

Keywords. Thesaurus Mapping, Information Retrieval, SKOS, Support Vector Machine

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  • Semantic Interoperability among Thesauri: a Challenge in the Multicultural Legal Domain
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  • Sharing Knowledge by Conceptual Mapping : the case of EU Thesaural Interoperability
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