Thursday, 11 December 2008 : New treatments and new exchange and circulation modes of legal numerical information
Article published on 11 December 2008
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Thursday 11 December 2008

(Luxemburg Palace - 15ter rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris)

New treatments of legal numerical information in Europe


1) Plenary session: Production, consolidation, dissemination, and storage of legal information in Europe : new technological solutions for a better regulation (Institutional organization of EU legal space)

(Monnerville & Vaugirard halls)

Introduction: the quest for EU principles of access to legal resources: conclusions of the Competitiveness Council, September 2008,

a) General overview of online law production, consolidation and dissemination

  • A general overview of online law production, consolidation and dissemination in the diverse European cultural zones of influence

b) Dematerialization of normative process

  • The Danish integrated System Lex Dania
  • The legal procedure, from production to publication and archiving, through the French exchange system SOLON.

c) Evaluation tools

  • Reducing administrative burdens in transposition and European legislation making-process

d) The quest for a common language for a better access to the Members States law

  • Awaited simplification in the field of access to the Members States law

e) Optimization of stocks of legislation with the web technology

  • The contribution of the internet to managing to stock of legislation

2) Technical workshops : a European policy for legal document description and a legal multilingual ontology ?

(Catholic Institute, EBD)

a) Round table: a European policy for legal document description ?

  • European policy for legal document description (free access and access with charge to documents, public of private documents)
  • What to expect from European Legal XML?

b) legal multilingual ontology

  • Translation issues and multilingual ontology
  • A case of contracts translation : a comparison between French, British and American legal databases licences


3) plenary session : Legal search and knowledge exchange : the setting up of European electronic law patrimony (texts, cases law, legal literature)

(Monnerville & Vaugirard halls)

Introduction: the setting up of a European electronic law patrimony

a) Legislation collections

  • N-Lex (scope, data heterogeneity), state of play of LINE (Legal information network in Europe), legal sites index
  • European Academy of Legislation
  • Trans-JAI

b) Case law collections

e-justice technical solutions: information system interoperability, key of the crossborder cooperation in judicial matters
- Practical Cases :

  • Dec-Nat, Mrs Martine Baguet, Counsellor of State, Council of State of Belgium, Deputy Secretary-general of the Association of Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the UE
  • European union and case law


c) Legal literature collections

  • Round table : promote and improve access to a European legal literature ?

4) technical workshops : interoperability and security, a key aspect of technological solutions

(Catholic Institute, EBD)

a) Improve legal access inside and outside the UE (no central access, data heterogeneity, problem of access to topical case law)

b) Security

  • Protecting information: is it possible to identify at European level common technical norms for the security of legal extranets ?

Social Event : Gala dinner - Luxemburg Palace (dress code : business attire)

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