Wednesday, 10 December 2008 : The European Official Gazettes : public, economic and social actors
Article published on 10 December 2008
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Wednesday 10 December 2008

(French National School of Administration - Paris Campus - "Parodi", 2 avenue de l’Observatoire , 75006 PARIS)

The European Official Gazettes: public, economic and social actors


First Part: More transparency in public, economic and social life

Introduction: Competences of the official gazettes in Europe

  • The economic and social stakes of the publishing of a text: intervention of a regulatory authority (CSA, CNIL, ARCEP…)
  • The publishing of notices, as a guarantee of transparency in economic life: sharing OPOCE’s and European emerging country’s experiences
  • The publishing of draft regulations, public inquiries and citizen consultation: The Canadian OJ’s experience

Second part: Compilation and publication of legal norms and notices, new practices

  • Achieving higher content quality, faster promulgation and easier documentation of newly drafted legislation - German experiences with the software eNorm
  • The modernization of the Japanese Official Gazettes
  • Role of the Official Gazette in the Italian experience of collecting an publishing (European, national and local) norms


Third part: Easier norm comprehension: European official gazettes’ role in the dissemination to all areas of the public

  • Access to legal norms and adaptation efforts for audience targets (example of France with Légifrance and with the various sites of the "populariser" of law Documentation française)
  • What are the steps at the community level to bring the citizen closer to the legal norm?
  • How do the official gazettes contribute to the success of the policy of measurement and reduction of administrative charges (OCDE representant intervention)

Fourth part: Exploring new ways of funding

  • The new immaterial economy: what are the new prospective resources? (APIE speaker)
  • European Trends: financing by government funding or by the general public?
  • The Hungarian experience
  • The British experience: Competences of the Office of Public Sector Information
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