Schedule of the Session III
Article published on 10 October 2012
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III. Technical session / Lawyers 2.0: a collaborative e-Justice

9am – 10.30am: Review (presentation of the emblematic networks; their hierarchy, interconnections, typology and normative powers)

Speakers :

RPVA (Lawyer Virtual Private Network) Mr. Richard Willemant, Lawyer at the Bar of Paris and at the Bar of Quebec

The French Court of cassation network, Mr. Daniel Barlow, Cour de cassation, France

The Italian Court of cassation network, Mr. Vincenzo di Cerbo, Corte di Cassazione, Italy

Network for Legislative Cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of the European Union (French acronym: RCLUE) (Legicoop Project for the establishment of a "Network for legislative cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of the Member States of the European Union", Mrs Delphine Agoguet, SAEI, Ministry of Justice, France

Various German networks - Mr. Rupert Vogel, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik, Germany

Bailiffs’ European network, by Mr. Gabriel Mecarelli, legal adviser to the Chambre Nationale des Huissiers, France

E Codex, Mr Enrico Francesconi, ITTIG, Italy (see also ITTIG’ papers : legal thesaurus, semantic web, legal drafting)

10.30am – 11am: Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference: BIALL, ITTIG, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, IALL, AALL, DGRI, IFRI, etc.

11am - 12.30am: Roundtable on the use of virtual networks: are they becoming « Walled Gardens » for users who subscribe, or are they becoming open access networks?

Animator: Mrs Claire Germain, University of Florida, Frederic G. Levin College of Law, USA

- Professor Maximilian Herberger, University of Sarrebrück, German legal information Association (IFRI), Germany (to be confirmed)

- Mr Jean-Michel Thivel, SGAE, France, Exemple of ’Saphir’, Information dissemination system of the Secretariat General of European Affairs (France)

- Mr Jean-Michel Feuvre, Expert and Member of the European Expertise and Expert Institute, representing its President, EU

- Mrs Hélène Biais, Lawyer to the barreau de Paris and Brussels, Delegation of the Barreaux de France, Brussels, EU

- Mr.Dick Heimans, Deputy head of units at European commission, in charge of e-Justice (European e-Justice portal. New visual identity)

12.30 am - 2 pm: cocktail at the Maison du Barreau

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  • Présentation des associations partenaires
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  • Table ronde sur l’utilisation des réseaux dématérialisés : sont-ils des « walled gardens » ?
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