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Article published on 10 October 2012
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The Associations ADIJ and Juriconnexion, with the support of the Paris Bar, are organizing the

“3rd European legal e-access conference”

Conference Programme

Wednesday 21 November 2012

3pm to 7pm: Exhibition open - Free access to the exhibition area, stands of contributors and sponsors - held at at the Cabinet Gide Loyrette Nouel (22 cours Albert 1er, 75008 Paris)

Participating Sponsors & Exhibitors : Wolters Kluwer, Dalloz, Copem, BuroClic, ST Groupe, PMB Services, Lexbase, Via Sema, Berger Levrault, Europresse, CEDROM SNI, Magillem

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November 2012, Auditorium of the Maison du Barreau, 2/4 rue de Harlay, Paris 1er (France)

The conference will be entirely bilingual (English/French)

Under the chairmanship of

Mr Fernando Paulino Pereira, Head of Unit at the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union and President of the Working Group on Legal Data Processing (e-Law e-Justice).

Thursday 22 November

8.30am: Welcome coffee

9 am - 9.30 am

Welcome speech: Miss Christiane Féral Schuhl, president of the Barreau de Paris

Opening speech: Mr. André Gariazzo, General Secretary of the Ministry of Justice

MPEG4 - 98.6 Mb
Introduction EN

I - General session / E-Justice: the European portal for Law and Justice

9.30am – 11am: First steps into e-Justice: early works and perspectives

- An overview of e-Justice principles and aims by M. Fernando Paulino Pereira (e-Justice: le portail européen du Droit et de la Justice)

MPEG4 - 52.3 Mb
Discours d’introduction de M. Pereira EN

- A presentation of the e-Justice Portal (History, roadmap, contributors etc.) by Mr. Luc Ferrand (Min. Justice) and Mr. Patrice Platel (SGG)

MPEG4 - 39.6 Mb
Exposé de M. Ferrand EN
MPEG4 - 61 Mb
Exposé de M. Platel EN

Illustrated by a few examples:

- Cross-border Videoconférencing by Mr. Aki Hietanen, Chief of Information Services at Ministry of Justice, Finland

MPEG4 - 43.9 Mb
Exposé de M. Hietanen EN

- Legal norms with immediate and direct effect (alimonies): cross-border expansion and its consequences on information research by Mr. Philippe Lortie, First Secretary of The Hague Conference.

MPEG4 - 43.4 Mb
Exposé de M. Lortie
MPEG4 - 31.7 Mb
Exposé de M. Schmidt EN

II. Research session / e-Justice portal 3.0 library: the new online tools to research information and legal documents for all national law in all languages.

11am - 12.30pm: The European normalisation of legal funds and its consequences: towards a single search engine?


ELI-ECLI projects: John Sheridan (UK), Marc Van Opijnen (Pays-Bas) The European Legal Semantic Web: Completed Building Blocks and Future Work, John Dann (Luxembourg) Le Projet ELI : European Legislation Identifier, Pierre Larrède (DILA) Mise en oeuvre d’ECLI.

MPEG4 - 83.4 Mb
Exposé de M. Dann EN
MPEG4 - 56 Mb
Exposé de M. Van Opijnen EN
MPEG4 - 26 Mb
Exposé de M. Larrede EN

Institutional repositories and respect of international numeric referencing styles, M. Nicolas Jondet, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK

MPEG4 - 46.6 Mb
Exposé de M. Jondet EN
MPEG4 - 17.2 Mb
Questions de la salle matinée du 22 EN

12.30pm – 2pm: Lunch

2pm – 3.30pm: Cross-border legal search and comparative legal information: towards a single database?


Mme Els Breedstraet, EU Publishing Office, EU, Luxembourg (EU law online : a single database ?)

MPEG4 - 58.9 Mb
Exposé de Mme Breedstraet EN

Mr. Sadri Saieb, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law

MPEG4 - 35.2 Mb
Exposé de M. Saieb EN

Mr Francesconi, rep. Miss Ginevra Peruginelli Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques ITTIG / Firenze (ITTIG’ papers : legal thesaurus, semantic web, legal drafting)

MPEG4 - 50.1 Mb
Exposé de M. Francesconi EN

Mr John Larkin QC, Attorney General for Northern Ireland

MPEG4 - 53.3 Mb
Exposé de M. Larkin EN

Mr Alfred Gass, IFRI, Sarrebrück University Germany

MPEG4 - 27.8 Mb
Exposé de M. Gass EN
MPEG4 - 37.7 Mb
Questions de la salle après midi du 22 EN

3.30pm – 5pm: Roundtable on the merging of European semantic researches: towards a single thesaurus?

Conducted by Mrs Guiraude Lame, Legal Department, Natixis, France


Mrs Christine Laaboudi-Spoiden, Eurovoc, Publishing Office, EU (EuroVoc & Thesaurus Interoperability Un seul thésaurus?)

MPEG4 - 33.8 Mb
Exposé de Mme Laaboudi EN

Mr Francesconi, rep. Mrs. Ginevra Peruginelli, ITTIG, Italy (ITTIG’ papers : legal thesaurus, semantic web, legal drafting)

MPEG4 - 31 Mb
Exposé de M. Francesconi EN

Mr. Jamal Rezzouk

Mr. Bernard Corboz, AHJUCAF & Federal Court, Switzerland

MPEG4 - 45.1 Mb
Exposé de M. Corboz EN

Mrs Caroline Reichling, Head of terminological projects, DGTrad, European Union Court of Justice (Vocabulaire juridique multilingue comparé : contribution de la Direction générale de la traduction de la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne)

MPEG4 - 50.4 Mb
Exposé de Mme Reichling EN

Mrs Véronique Tauziac, French Ministry of Civil Service, France (article 571)

MPEG4 - 54.2 Mb
Exposé de Mme Tauziac EN
MPEG4 - 64.9 Mb
Questions finales de la salle après midi du 22 EN

5.15pm to 7.30pm: cocktail at the Maison du Barreau

Friday 23 November

III. Technical session / Lawyers 2.0: a collaborative e-Justice

8.30am: Welcome coffee

9am – 10.30am: Review (presentation of the emblematic networks; their hierarchy, interconnections, typology and normative powers)

Speakers :

RPVA (Lawyer Virtual Private Network) Mr. Richard Willemant, Lawyer at the Bar of Paris and at the Bar of Quebec

MPEG4 - 38.3 Mb
Exposé de M. Willemant EN

Various German networks - Mr. Rupert Vogel, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik, Germany (Social Networks for German Lawyers)

MPEG4 - 15.1 Mb
Exposé de M. Vogel EN

Bailiffs’ European network, by Mr. Gabriel Mecarelli, legal adviser to the Chambre Nationale des Huissiers, France

MPEG4 - 35.4 Mb
Exposé de M. Mecarelli EN

The French Court of cassation network, Mr. Daniel Barlow, Cour de cassation, France

MPEG4 - 52.2 Mb
Exposé de M. Barlow EN

The Italian Court of cassation network, Mr. Vincenzo di Cerbo, Corte di Cassazione, Italy

MPEG4 - 54.8 Mb
Exposé de M. Di Cerbo EN

Network for Legislative Cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of the European Union (French acronym: RCLUE) (Legicoop Project for the establishment of a "Network for legislative cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of the Member States of the European Union", Mrs Delphine Agoguet, SAEI, Ministry of Justice, France

MPEG4 - 51.6 Mb
Exposé de Mme Agoguet EN

E Codex, Mr Enrico Francesconi, ITTIG, Italy (ITTIG’ papers : legal thesaurus, semantic web, legal drafting)

MPEG4 - 40.5 Mb
Exposé de M. Francesconi EN
MPEG4 - 46.2 Mb
Questions de la salle matinée du 23 EN

11am - 12.30am: Roundtable on the use of virtual networks: are they becoming « Walled Gardens » for users who subscribe, or are they becoming open access networks?

Animator: Mrs Claire Germain, University of Florida, Frederic G. Levin College of Law, USA

- Professor Maximilian Herberger, University of Sarrebrück, German legal information Association (IFRI), Germany (to be confirmed)

MPEG4 - 28.7 Mb
Exposé de M. Herberger EN

- Mr Jean-Michel Thivel, SGAE, France, Exemple of ’Saphir’, Information dissemination system of the Secretariat General of European Affairs (France)

MPEG4 - 56.2 Mb
Exposé de M. Thivel EN

- Mr Jean-Michel Feuvre, Expert and Member of the European Expertise and Expert Institute, representing its President, EU

MPEG4 - 47.4 Mb
Exposé de M. Feuvre EN

- Mrs Hélène Biais, Lawyer to the barreau de Paris and Brussels, Delegation of the Barreaux de France, Brussels, EU

MPEG4 - 31.2 Mb
Exposé de Mme Biais EN

- Mr.Dick Heimans, Deputy head of units at European commission, in charge of e-Justice (European e-Justice portal. New visual identity)

MPEG4 - 37.1 Mb
Exposé de M. Heimans EN
MPEG4 - 57.5 Mb
Questions de la salle fin de matinée du 23 EN

12.30 am - 2 pm: cocktail at the Maison du Barreau

IV. Legal session / E-Justice: legal aspects

Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference: BIALL, ITTIG, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, IALL, AALL, DGRI, IFRI, etc.

MPEG4 - 20.3 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference ITTIG
MPEG4 - 12.4 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference IFRI
MPEG4 - 9.6 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference Juriconnexion / ADIJ
MPEG4 - 17.4 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference IALL / AALL
MPEG4 - 11.8 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference BIALL
MPEG4 - 10.9 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference ISDC
MPEG4 - 13.1 Mb
Overview of the various European organizations participating in the conference DGRI

2pm – 3.30pm: e-Justice - statutory regimes of data and actors

Speaker: Professor Philippe Dupichot, Association Henri Capitant, French speaking area

MPEG4 - 30.9 Mb
Exposé de M. Dupichot EN

Participating :

Mr le Bâtonnier Jean-Jacques Forrer, President of the Delegation of the french Bars in Brussels, EU

MPEG4 - 88.9 Mb
Exposé de M. Forrer EN

Mr Paul Malfait, Product Manager Legal Software, Wolters Kluwer European Software Development Office

Mr Rémi Binet, Wolters Kluwer France

MPEG4 - 62.8 Mb
Exposé de M. Binet EN

Me Thomas Lapp, Lawyer, Frankfurt, Germany

MPEG4 - 43.1 Mb
Exposé de M. Lapp EN

3.30pm – 5pm: Roundtable conducted by Mr. Fabien Waechter, Chairman, Lexbase Editions

MPEG4 - 14.5 Mb
Exposé de M. Waechter EN

on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.


- Mr. Thomas Saint-Aubin, Associate Researcher at LNLI, University of Paris I, France

MPEG4 - 68.2 Mb
Exposé de M. Saint-Aubin EN

- Mrs Loredana Tassone, Lawyer at the Roma Bar, registered at the Strasbourg Bar, CCBE, EU

MPEG4 - 60.3 Mb
Exposé de Mme Tassone EN

- M. Markus Kern, Holder of a PhD in Law, Assistant Lecturer at the European Law Institute of Freiburg, Switzerland

MPEG4 - 35.6 Mb
Exposé de M. Kern EN

- Mr Lapp, DGRI, Germany

MPEG4 - 34.8 Mb
Exposé de M. Lapp EN

- Mrs Nathalie Metallinos, Lawyer at the Paris Bar, France (article 273)

MPEG4 - 24.9 Mb
Exposé de Mme Metallinos EN
MPEG4 - 45.3 Mb
Questions de la salle après midi du 23 EN

5pm : Closing of the conference by Mr. Serge Lasvignes, Government General secretary
MPEG4 - 101.7 Mb
Closing speeches, Nov. 23rd
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