Article published on 12 June 2012
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E-Justice, improving legal access throughout European Union"
European legal e-access conference, 21-23 November 2012

organised by french associations ADIJ and Juriconnexion

(Please note : the word “E-Justice” refers to all the sites and procedures which aim to harmonize the law dissemination and the use of judiciary and legal paperless procedures between the EU Member States.)


Wednesday 21 November 2012: Sponsors fair/Welcoming guests
Gide Loyrette Nouel, 22 cours Albert 1er, Paris 8° (France)

Sponsors fair - free access to all those registered to attend one of the conference days

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November 2012,
Auditorium of the Maison du Barreau, Paris
2/4 rue de Harlay, Paris 1er (France)

Under the chairmanship of Mr Fernando Paulino Pereira, Head of Unit at the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union and President of the Working Group on Legal Data Processing (e-Law e-Justice).



Technological changes have a deep impact on the practice of law and the exercise of justice in Europe, with the swift development of professional networks, paperless procedures and system interoperability procedures. Such transformations see their effects increased exponentially by the progressive opening up of borders between the laws of the various member States.

Now is the time to report on the progress of these processes, their successes and failures, their advances, blockages and brakes, be it in terms of interprofessional and cross-border communication, collaboration and cooperation, or even in terms of the harmonisation of standards and procedures in the exercise of legal and judiciary professions.

I - General session / the e-Justice portal: a collaborative space and central platform for the correspondence of Law and Justice between the EU member States.
This session aims to introduce the system’s main principles to attendees.
E-Justice: background, roadmap, role of the main contributors, progress made. The session will discuss the current and future role of e-Justice in the emergence of cross-border law as a rule of law operating in all Member States and beyond.
II. Research session / the new online tools to research information and legal documents in the e-Justice portal 3.0 library.
Access to legal data is undergoing significant change thanks, mainly, to the uptake of shared technical standards and the creation of tools that aim to facilitate their interoperability within the European Union. Additionally, the harmonisation of the rules and practices in terms of the re-use of public legal data helps enhance them and develop their dissemination. Finally, recent changes in international private law, under the impetus of international and European institutions, open up borders between national laws and require that their legal actors have better knowledge of neighbouring countries’ laws.

III. Technical session / Lawyers 2.0: a collaborative e-Justice
The paperless networks in the European Union have reached a decisive step in the right direction for collaboration and cooperation between law professionals.
Tests on categories of networks, their usefulness, their uses and users, assessment of their degree of accessibility, their possible hierarchy in relation to one another, their separation from public networks and private bar association networks etc.

IV. Legal session / E-Justice: legal aspects
This session will address the legal issues relating to safety, traceability, confidentiality, responsibility, ethics, protection of personal data, archiving (in the Cloud), the validity of the delegation of access and signing rights etc.
Review on the evolution of law and personal data protection in Europe.


This conference is organised with the support of the Paris Bar Association and other associations of law practitioners such as the Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise, the Association des cours judiciaires francophones, the Association Henri Capitant des amis de la culture juridique française, the Chambre des Huissiers de Justice de Paris and the Institut européen de l’expertise et de l’expert.

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